There is no greater validation that we are doing our job than when we receive a compliment from our customers. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us:

I recently attended the Trauma One Basic and Advanced Report training programs in┬áBoston…They were well organized and the training was intense, exciting and innovating but class was not so professional that we couldn’t let down and laugh now and again. It was excellent! I certainly learned Trauma One has many capabilities to offer that I was not aware of that can make my duties much easier. I’ll definitely be returning for additional future training.

Judith A. Smith, RN, BA EMS Trauma Coordinator Contra Costa County EMS Martinez, CA

I found the Advanced Reporting Writing class a great complement to Basic Report Writing and only wish that I had taken it sooner. Advanced concepts were presented in a user-friendly way which contributed to a much better understanding of Trauma One Report Writing capabilities and how I can maximize these capabilities in my reporting writing.

Sue Drew, RN, MSN
Trauma Program Coordinator, Lahey Clinic
Burlington, MA

The Advanced Report Writing class was GREAT!!! I learned so much. I suggest to everyone who uses Trauma One and feels comfortable with the basics to GO and GET ADVANCED!!

Jennifer Hurley, B.S.
Trauma Registrary, Lahey Clinic
Burlington, MA

I absolutely love Trauma One. There is no limit to the way that I can customize it and there is not a single report that I cannot create.

Lancet has helped me and my department drastically improve our entire QI process.

I just wanted to write to thank you. ACS just left. There wasn’t a report that I couldn’t produce. I have never been through a smoother site review.

I just wanted to let you know how great your support staff is.