Corporate Overview

When organizations want a state-of-the-art data solution, they choose one technology company to partner with: Lancet Technology, Inc .

At Lancet, we provide more than software. Since 1987, we’ve been providing world-class, cost-effective, powerful, flexilble and incredibly innovative data solutions which can’t be beaten.

Our primary products are Trauma OneFire-Rescue One and Emergency One and each is powerful and very customizable in its own right. Yet, each one also fits seamlessly with the other to create an even more powerful data solution. This allows you to collect data through the complete spectrum of care from 911 call to hospital discharge and everything in between.

But don’t think that our data solutions only apply to healthcare. We have a proven track record of providing data solutions for the insurance industry as well.

Not surprisingly, we also have an exhaustive list of options guaranteeing that you have the precise solution that works best for you. And should you have very specific needs not met by one of our products, we have a proven track record of providing custom solutions which build upon our existing technology.

One solution. One vendor. No headaches.

Company Facts

    • Customers:Lancet Technology currently has over 400 customers in the states of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, California, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington.

Company Headquarters:

Lancet Technology, Inc.
123 South Street
3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02111

  • Phone:

    1.800.3.LANCET (352.6238) – Sales and Information
    1.800.5.LANCET (552-6238) – Technical Support

  • Fax:


  • Email:

    – Sales and General Information
    – Technical Support

  • Number of Electronic Medical Records Produced in Lancet Applications:

    More than 7  million patients have been documented in Lancet applications.

  • Largest Customer:

    Los Angeles County – DHS is Lancet’s largest customer and has been using our software since 1991. LA County currently collects over 800,000 records a year from 23 paramedic hospitals, 13 trauma hospitals, and 39 EMS providers. To date, this solution has collected over 6 million records.

  • Founded:

    Lancet Technology, Inc. was founded in 1987.


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