Data Hosting

Lancet Technology’s Data Hosting solution is the smart choice for organizations that lack the resources or desire to host their own data. With Lancet Technology hosting your data, you can sleep well at night knowing that your data is secure, properly backed up and always available.

No more calls to the help desk to find out why the network is unavailable. No more lost data due to hardware failure and improper data backups.

No more headaches.

Your data will be hosted in a secure co-facility with redundant everything! Better yet, you and your facilities can access (i.e. enter, manage, report, etc.) your data from any computer with an internet connection, just as if you were hosting it, with no loss in functionality.

Your IT department will love it because they have one less responsibility. You will love it because you know that everything is being taken care of properly.

Combine this with our Data Analysis & Reporting solution for an even better solution. Let us host the data and manage all your collection and reporting.

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