One Vendor. One Solution. No Headaches.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could rely one one vendor for all of your data solutions?

Imagine having your pre-hospital data linked to your trauma data linked to your emergency medicine data.

Each facility has access to their data and their data only. Yet, you have the luxury of viewing it all, from above, so that you can get the big picture.

Everyone’s happy.

Your hospitals, trauma centers, EMS agencies and fire departments have a solution which is easy to use, reliable and which helps them meet their data submission requirements.

You, on the other hand, always have up to date data. No more running reports on data that is two years old.

Look at current data, as it comes in.

Identify QA/QI/CQI problems immediately.

But don’t take our word in telling you that we can do it. Contact us so that we can show you how we have already done it.