Say Goodbye to Your Software Nightmares

At Lancet Technology, Inc. we are very familiar with the never ending challenges faced by IT departments.

Viruses, server crashes, hard drive failures, printers not working…crises always seem to rule the day. You spend your day moving from problem to problem, putting out fires while the end is never in sight.

We can’t promise that all of these problems will magically disappear when you purchase a solution from Lancet Technology. However, we will promise you that we won’t add to them! In fact, we may even take some of them away.

    • Zero Footprint
      For example, with our Access Anywhere option we can greatly reduce the need for desktop support. Any computer with an internet connection and a web browser can access the data solution. Absolutely no software is needed on the PC.


    • Supports Microsoft┬« SQL Server and Oracle┬« Databases
      We realize that it is your responsibility to protect the data. With our Secure Database option, make it easier by allowing you to store your data in either a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database. Your DBA will have one less thing to worry about each day. And your HIPAA gurus will breathe easier.


    • We Are Interface Experts
      Need to interface your Lancet data solution with another system? Don’t sweat it. It couldn’t be easier. We have over 15 years of experience implementing interfaces and imports of all types.


    • Let Us Manage Everything
      Looking to offload everything? Look no further. We can completely manage your data collection and reporting operation. That’s what we have been doing for Los Angeles County since 1991. We can permanently place people onsite to manage the whole operation. Or, even better, we can host everything on our computers, in our co-location facility. The only things that you will be left supporting are the printers.


    • Proven Track Record
      You may not have heard of Lancet Technology before. That’s okay. We’re not looking for fame. However, you should know that we have been successfully developing innovative data solutions since 1987. Along with this extensive experience, we bring integrity and a proven track record of success.


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