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As a part of our new growth strategy, we’ve recently hired Michelle Brazel as the Director of Customer Solutions.  In this capacity, she will be heading our new Lancet Registry Solutions (LRS) Division. Michelle comes to Lancet with years of experience working closely with customers as well as other registry software and we feel she’s a great fit with our team.

The LRS team will be working directly with the Trauma Vendor Alliance (TVA), following their best practices and other initiatives to better serve our customers and will be initially focused on 2019 national and state compliance via the use of Trauma Cloud and Vendor Validator.

In addition to compliance, LRS will be involved in the evolution of Trauma One, striving to make it a better and more robust registry solution!  We’re thrilled to have Michelle on board to bring direction to this initiative and we look forward to working with her on these exciting outcomes.

If you’d like to reach out to Michelle, please feel free to email her at  We’re sure she would love to hear from you!


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News / Press Releases